About Us

Our Purpose

Making Simple Financial Decisions

lifeinsurance99 is committed to assisting you in realizing your dreams. We achieve this by arming you with the information and research you need to make sound financial decisions, allowing you to focus on the things that matter most to you.
This is not a mission that we take lightly. We vow to keep you informed about how the world around us affects your bottom line and to provide you with clear, unbiased, practical advice you can trust so that making financial decisions is simple and sensible, rather than stressful.

Our Team

The lifeinsurance99 editorial team has decades of combined personal finance experience. We are dedicated to helping you make good financial decisions and choose financial solutions that fit your lifestyle and goals.
The lifeinsurance99 coverage of consumer credit, debit, banking, investment, insurance, loans, real estate, and travel is enhanced by the team’s extensive industry understanding. Our top objective is to make sure that the coverage, reviews, and advice we provide are based on research, deep experience, and rigorous procedures.

Editorial Guidelines

The lifeinsurance99 editorial board is objective and independent. Our editorial team, in collaboration with industry expertise as needed, creates our reviews and “best” rankings using strict, stated standards. In-depth research, independent data gathering, analysis, and expert insights inform the content.

Our Company

Our success is dependent on journalistic integrity. Our business team (which is distinct from our editorial staff) evaluates our content after it is created and looks for potential advertising possibilities to support our reporting efforts. After that, some of the brands mentioned in our material compensate that crew. These commissions allow us to present our readers with expertly written, research-backed, data-rich articles for free. Visit our advertising disclosure page to learn more.