Whether you run small landscaping business with just one or two hardworking employees or a much larger company with dozens of specialists in your area, you already know that the landscaping industry is full of challenges. To provide top-quality service, you’ll have to take care of expensive equipment, store it, and keep it in good … Read more

What is covered by standard homeowners insurance?

standard homeowners insurance

homeowners insurance protects you financially against disasters, theft, and accidents that cause damage to your home. Most standard policies include four types of coverage that are important: coverage for your home’s structure; coverage for your personal belongings; protection against liability; and coverage for extra living costs. Coverage for your home’s structure Your homeowner’s insurance will … Read more

What Is Yacht Insurance?

Yacht insurance

Yacht insurance is a policy that covers a sailing boat’s liability in the event of an accident. It covers injuries to other people or damage to their property, as well as damage to your belongings on the boat. Depending on the insurance company, this insurance could also cover the delivery of gas, the towing of … Read more

What Is Watercraft Insurance?

What Is Watercraft Insurance?

Watercraft insurance is a general term for boat insurance, yacht insurance, and personal watercraft insurance. It protects boats with a motor that has a horsepower of at least 25 miles per hour from damage (mph). Costs that are covered by watercraft insurance include physical damage or loss of the boat, theft of the boat, and … Read more

What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

Umbrella Insurance Policy

An umbrella insurance policy is extra liability insurance that goes beyond the limits of the insured’s homeowners, auto, or watercraft insurance. It gives people an extra layer of protection if they are at risk of being sued for damaging someone else’s property or hurting someone else in an accident. It also protects people from slander, … Read more

What Is Garage Liability Insurance?

Garage Liability Insurance

Garage liability insurance is a type of insurance that is specifically designed for the care sector. Garage liability insurance will be added to the business liability coverage of automobile dealerships, parking lots or parking garage operators, tow-truck operators, service stations, and customization and repair shops. The property damage and personal injury resulting from operations are … Read more

What Is Business Insurance?

Business Insurance

Business insurance protects businesses against financial losses resulting from events that occur in the normal course of business. Property damage, legal responsibility, and employee risks are all covered by various types of business insurance.Companies decide how much insurance they need based on the risks they might face, which can be different depending on where they … Read more

What Is Gap Insurance And How Does It Work?

Gap Insurance

What Is Gap Insurance? Gap insurance is an optional type of car insurance that helps drivers who owe more on their car loan than the car is worth if their car is totaled.  How Does It Work? If your car is totaled in an accident covered by collision or comprehensive insurance, your insurer’s maximum claim … Read more

When Can Your Car Insurance Be Canceled?

Car Insurance

Your Car insurance provider does not want to send you a cancellation letter. For starters, there’s the hassle of looking for a new insurance provider or trying to work out a problem with your present one. Second, there’s the financial hit: Having a cancellation on your record, regardless of the cause for the cancellation, might … Read more