Poultry Farm Insurance: What Is & Isn’t Covered

 A poultry farm is a farm that raises chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys to produce eggs and/or meat to sell as food. Farmers who run chicken farms have to work hard to take care of all the tasks that come with raising birds. This includes taking care of the animals and making sure they are safe and healthy, cleaning and maintaining outbuildings and farm structures, and making sure that all of the farm’s machinery and tools are in good shape.

Many farmers may make all or most of their money from raising birds they have brought into their homes. It’s not surprising that many businesses depend on the health and safety of these animals and the parts of their farm that are used to keep the birds safe and healthy. To help chicken farmers, poultry farm insurance is made to cover their businesses that depend on their birds. Some insurance policies can be hard to understand, so it helps to know what they cover and what they don’t.


Poultry farm insurance is meant to protect farms that raise chickens or other poultry from financial losses caused by damage to their buildings, equipment, assets, and tools or by the death, injury, or illness of their chickens or other poultry. Poultry farm insurance may look different from other types of livestock insurance because chickens and ducks are usually only raised for one or two things: meat or to lay eggs. Your chickens are just as important to your farm as any other animal, and they may even be your main source of income. You may have the following types of coverage with poultry or chicken farm insurance:

Poultry: Your chickens may be the most valuable thing on your farm and the main way you make money. Animals on poultry farms can be hurt or killed by many things, such as dogs or wild animals, diseases, fires and explosions, lightning, storms, being hurt or killed while being moved, drowning, buildings collapsing, smoke, theft (with some exceptions), and flooding.

Your poultry insurance may give you choices to protect your animals and any operations related to them, such as:

  • Losses in transit because of crashes and capsizing
  • Loss of life for your valuable chickens
  • All risks, like fire, lightning, and explosions, are covered for chickens and eggs.

Coverage for feedlots and pastures for any operations that are meant to feed your poultry animals.
As part of your chicken farm insurance package, you can also buy several products that may be useful for the risks your business faces, such as:

Property and What’s Inside

Your poultry farm may need several buildings and structures, such as coops, sheds, barns, silos, houses, and so on, to keep running. Your poultry farm insurance policy may protect your buildings and their contents against a wide range of risks, such as collapse, storm damage, falling objects, vehicle collisions, theft, and vandalism.

If you live on your farm with your family, your house also needs to be safe. What would you do if something went wrong with your main home? Your poultry farm insurance package may also cover the buildings where you live on the farm.

Your poultry farm insurance package may also cover things like feed and seed, medicine, fences, fodder, and silage that are important to your business.


Your chicken farm is a business, so you need liability insurance for it. Liability insurance may cover your farming operations if a guest or visitor gets hurt on your property or if the way you run your poultry farm hurts someone else’s property.

Liability insurance can cover injuries to third parties or damage to their property, as well as legal fees, medical payments, and damage to farm outbuildings and rented properties.
There may be other insurance options for your chicken farming business, such as:

  • Insurance for pollution
  • Broken farm equipment
  • Insurance for farm machinery
  • Insurance for commercial vehicles

Depending on how your poultry farm works, raising domestic birds might be just a small part of what you do. If that’s the case, you may need to look into the costs and benefits of other coverage options to make sure your farm is fully protected. In the end, this is how you make money! If something unexpected happens, you wouldn’t want to have to start from scratch. Hitchings Insurance Agency is here to help you figure out what coverage you need and find the best insurance package for you.


Like any other kind of insurance, poultry farm insurance may have some things that aren’t covered.
The things that aren’t covered by chicken farm insurance vary by provider and policy, but the following are often not covered:

  • Covert or illegal sales
  • You can move by sea or air
  • Wars and terrorist attacks
  • Nuclear bombs go off
  • Radioactivity
  • Lack of care or abuse
  • Not doing anything when animals are sick or hurt
  • Accidents, illnesses, and injuries that happened before the policy started

Again, it’s important to remember that exclusions will be different for each policy and provider, and they may also depend on the coverage options you choose. If you think your coverage might be lacking in any way, let a Hitchings Insurance Agency representative know so they can look over your coverage with you and fill in any holes.

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